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July 13, 2022

Essence Alignment for Powerful Transformations with Christina C. Jenkins

Essence Alignment for Powerful Transformations with Christina C. Jenkins

Welcome to Episode 11 of Forging Fortune, an inspirational podcast for visionaries, activists, and future-focused entrepreneurs anywhere between the poles on the life experience spectrum.

Today I am so excited to speak with Christina C. Jenkins, Founder of Embody Your Essence Branding. Our conversation is a powerful one as we delve into what it means to Embody Your Essence so much that it becomes your personal brand. We also talk about the power of intuition and tapping into your Essence Compass to determine your intuitive center. Christina is a true master and lives, transforms, and thrives through the framework that is her work. This conversation is bold, this conversation is steeped in essence, this conversation is necessary. A special thank you to Christina for her passion and dedication to the realm of Essence branding.

Meet Christina

I'm Christina Courtright Jenkins. After 15 years of helping people get what they want in life and business, I am certain that everything you need to live life on your own terms is already in you. I’ve created the only program where you uncover your personal brand from the inside out and embody the one unique thing you have to differentiate yourself, your Essence. Embodying your essence brand brings you alignment and visibility, resulting in more clarity, more confidence, and more clients.


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